About CCF

Community Care Foundation (CCF) is an independent and non-profit humanitarian organization, is solely organized for supporting the deprived in communities; for procurement of their basic Human Rights, making education, Basic Health Care accessible, and creating sustainable means of Socio-economic development for communities.

“The Foundation is active in working for the betterment of the underprivileged community of our society, suffering from poverty, education, unemployment, and other socio-economic issues.”

The vision behind the formation of the Community Care Foundation was to help humanity through charitable giving in the areas of community, education and healthcare. The Founder Mr. Fahad, envision a world where individuals’ most essential needs are met, and one where innovative thoughts can be transformed into genuine help for humanity.

We promised to serve the most deserving people by changing the lives through our humanitarian aid and provide opportunities to give them a secure future because we believe, “It’s never too late to change a life.”

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